A: LEDBiz is built to be extremely easy to use. Once you've specified your company, workflow, and operations preferences, LEDBiz makes the auditing process simpler, more accurate, and faster than ever before.
A: LEDBiz runs on any iPad 2 or newer, and the cloud-based proposal and operations functions can be accessed using any web browser.
A: Most teams complete their audits and any subsequent revisions 50-75% faster than they do using traditional tools and resources.
A: LEDBiz eliminates the most common causes of auditing errors, such as manual data transcription, data re-entry, and mistakes made while cutting and pasting data from one field to another. As a result, so long as you don't miss a fixture (for example, one hidden behind a closed door), you can expect your audit to be closer to error-free than ever before.
A: Yes. LEDBiz makes it easy to produce quotes for GOOD, BETTER, and BEST LED lighting options based on the client's budget. Your proposals can be quickly edited or revised when needed, and you can also include direct purchase and finance options.
A: Yes. Upon project approval, LEDBiz gives you easy access to a bill of material, scope of work (SOW), labor instructions, and a detailed project plan to help you quickly complete the retrofit.
A: No. You only need to pay upon completing a client audit.
A: Yes. LEDBiz can be private branded for your company or organization.
A: Yes. The application supports multiple audit teams, as well as multiple members assigned to a specific audit team.
A: LEDBiz provides basic light meter readings using the iPad's built-in camera. Precise light readings, however, will require a professional light meter.
A: Yes. LEDBiz is built to provide comprehensive cross-referencing data and eliminate as much manual processing as possible.
A: Yes. LEDBiz supports an unlimited number of simultaneous projects.